I've participated in lots of experiments...

...but this is a, sort of, lingering fear I have. That I mess up the experiment by not being able to perform a simple task that you'd expect any normal adult to be able to perform. Something that's not part of the test at all, because the researchers didn't even consider that anyone could ever mess this up.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
G is sitting at a desk with two buttons. P is standing in front of them.
P: Thank you for participating in my experiment! You will now hear some instructions that you should follow. Just push the left or right button accordingly.
Panel 2-6:
G is pressing buttons
Panel 7:
Aaaaalright, I finished evaluating your data. It looks like ... you’re the one.
Panel 8:
G: Really? I’m the one the prophecies told you about? The saviour? The one so outstanding that I will lead all of avian kind into a better and brighter future full of....
Panel 9:
No! You’re the one participant who keeps messing up our experiments by not being able to distinguish left and right.