By the way...

...I wanted to mention that all character's in this comic are fictional. Similarities to real people are coincidental. Except for Baby Aristotle of course. Baby Aristotle is real, obviously.

Everyone else is imaginary though.

Comic transcript

Panel 1:
Prof. Owl is having a breakdown...
O: Oh no! This is it. I’m ruined. Never before in my professorship have I had to endure such tragedy! My only hope is for my loyal employee to save my tormented soul... Panel 2:
Prof. Owl is standing in front of a shelf in the supermarket. They are on the phone, using a headset.
O: Hello? Oh I can’t tell you how glad I am that you picked up. Just forget the exercise sheet for tomorrow. There has been a tragedy ... yes ... strawberry please. ... Thank you!
Panel 3:
G and H are now in front of the shelf, replacing the products they previously removed.
H: I can’t believe that worked. However, I still think that was kinda mean.